QuickBooks Manufacturing
Does your company currently use QuickBooks for both your accounting and manufacturing software?

Although QuickBooks Manufacturing may supply some basic features, it does not provide robust companies with the most efficient or detailed way to manufacture their inventory.

Fishbowl Inventory works hand in hand with QuickBooks allowing companies to move up without moving on.

While continuously using QuickBooks’ Accounting methods, Fishbowl Inventory with Manufacturing is an add-on Software designed to simplify the manufacturing process while maintaining order and productivity within your company.

Don’t worry about disturbing your accounting books…let QuickBooks handle your Accounting, while Fishbowl gets to work with Manufacturing! Fishbowl Inventory steps up to provide features that QuickBooks Manufacturing doesn’t, such as Manufacture Orders, advanced Bill of Materials features (stages, multiple sub-assemblies), configurable Work Orders, multiple Finished Goods, Work Order Cost Projection, and Repair Orders to name a few.

   * Manufacture Orders:
   * Advanced Bill of Materials and Multiple Finished Goods
   * Configurable Work Orders and Projected Cost

Due to the fact that Fishbowl Inventory integrates with QuickBooks, when these functions are performed within Fishbowl and then exported to QuickBooks, Fishbowl will adjust Cost or Inventory accounts accordingly. QuickBooks may include the bare necessities for a manufacturing company; however, your company needs may be more than just the essentials. Fishbowl is just the key to provide the much-needed extra functionality. When using QuickBooks as your Accounting system and Fishbowl as your Manufacturing system, together the software’s create an unbeatable package.

QuickBooks Manufacturing
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